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Lucky Me!

The Lucky Me! logo visually sends the signal that the brand truly cares for its customers. Thus, the logo features a graceful circle that runs around the "Lucky Me!" text. The circle gives the feeling of a warm embrace from a good friend. The waft connotes the pleasant aroma and freshness of the meal ahead. It triggers happy memories of light, bonding moments --of sitting around, sharing life, and eating together over fantastic, flavorful, fuss-free meals.


Instant Noodles
Beef na Beef 
The closest thing to authentic Nilagang Baka (slowly boiled beef brisket) with a mix of potatoes and cabbage.
Chicken na Chicken 
Noodle goodness that captures the true taste of chicken - delicately boiled, light, and oh so yummy.
Chicken and Egg (Itnok) 
Itlog (egg) plus Manok (chicken) makes delicious ITNOK! Kids cheer for the chicky chicky eggy creamy noodle soup!
Spicy Hot Beef 
Beef-flavored mami noodles with a hot twist. Spicy Hot has Lucky Me!'s signature authentic beef goodness spiked with hot capsicum that adds zest to an otherwise regular meal.
N-Rich with Malunggay 
The wonder vegetable, Malunggay, has now N-Riched Lucky Me! Instant Mami!
Lucky Me! proudly introduces the first commercially available instant mami with Malunggay. Each pack contains powdered Malunggay --- you can see it in the noodles! It comes in delicious in Chicken Tinola flavor -- a light and tasty broth of slowly simmered fresh chicken, chili leaves, ginger and onions made even more special with malunggay instant noodles. Plus it's NAPA -- like other Lucky Me! Instant Mami products, it's No Artificial Preseravatives Added too!
Pork Ribs 
Relish the flavorful taste of Lucky Me! Instant Mami Pork Ribs flavor with savory soup that comes from a rich blend of meaty pork bone and spices slowly simmered to surely make your mouth water
A delightful taste of simmered beef spareribs infused with spies for that distinct classic beef taste. Made even more special with a Soup Booster pack for that ultimately delicious beef experience!
Specialty Noodles
Sotanghon Lite 
Lite up your life! with Special by Lucky Me! Sotanghon Lite. Low-fat and cholesterol-free food never tasted this delicious and felt this filling. Warm, clear and light – the way life should be everyday.
La Paz Batchoy 
Special by Lucky Me! pays tribute to the classic Ilo-ilo delicacy, La Paz Batchoy. Complete with pork crackling and meat bits, Special La Paz Batchoy lets you enjoy the taste of the Philippine South everyday.
The alluring taste of slow simmering beef meat, bones and marrow is captured in every pouch of Special by Lucky Me! Bulalo. Inspired by the Batangas specialty, and made heartier with firm-to-the-bite noodles. You’ll keep coming back for more.
Rich. Thick. Flavorful. That’s the best way to describe Special by Lucky Me! Lomi. It captures Lomi’s authentic taste with rich soup, thick noodles and flavorful seafood taste.
Special by Lucky Me! Sopas captures the delicious goodness of chicken soup. Every family will enjoy its home-cooked inspired chicken flavor with unique noodle twists and enriched with calcium.
Intense! This truly best expresses what Special Jjamppong is like. Authentic Korean seafood noodle soup that’s so deliciously spicy. With Cuttlefish and wakame seaweeds that complete the adventurous taste experience.
Pancit Canton
Bursting with the rich flavors of sauteed onion, garlic and savory chicken, Lucky Me! Pancit Canton Original captures the taste of traditional pancit canton.
You're sure to love the zing kalamansi (citrus) brings to top-quality pancit canton.
For discriminating eaters who want it all: here's the perfect blend of hot chili and sour kalamansi (citrus). It’s the perfect fusion of hot and sour taste to delight your taste buds!
Extra Hot 
Fire up your taste buds with an even spicier kick. Enjoy it with your friends for an extra exciting eating experience. Dare to try it! This is not for the faint of heart!
Sweet & Spicy 
Perfect for every member of the family, Lucky Me! Pancit Canton Sweet & Spicy offers an exciting mix of sweet soy sauce and mild chili.
Specialty Noodles Dry
Pancit Bihon 
Special by Lucky Me! Pancit Bihon with Kalamansi captures the goodness of traditionally prepared Pancit Bihon in an instant. No-cook ”bihon” noodles with a hint of ”kalamansi” taste makes this an exciting treat.
Curly Spaghetti 
Special by Lucky Me! Curly Spaghetti delivers that Filipino-style spaghetti in an instant. With its yummy red and meaty sauce, everyday will surely be a special celebration.
Pancit Palabok 
Enjoy the time honored goodness of traditional Filipino favorite Palabok without the tedious preparation. In just 4 minutes, delight in rice noodles smothered with thick golden shrimp sauce topped with chives and real chicharon. Amazingly true to the taste Special Pancit Palabok by Lucky Me!
Baked Mac 
Enjoy macaroni pasta in meaty and tasty sauce with Special by Lucky Me! Baked Mac. Another instant favorite for the kids and kids at heart.
Mac and Cheez 
Macaroni pasta smothered in cheese sauce can truly satisfy your cravings. Every bite of Special by Lucky Me! Mac & Cheese is so cheesy good, you can't get enough of it.
La Paz Batchoy 
Western Visayas represent! Lucky Me! Supreme pays tribute to the classic delicacy, La Paz Batchoy. Complete with pork crackling and meat bits, Lucky Me! Supreme La Paz Batchoy lets you enjoy the taste of the Philippine South every day.
A la eh! The undeniable taste of slow simmering beef meat, bones and marrow is captured in every cup of Lucky Me! Supreme Bulalo. Inspired by the Batangas specialty, and made with firm-to-the-bite noodles, you’ll keep coming back for more.
Pinoy Chicken 
Wanna go native? Experience the delicious flavor of native Filipino Chicken with every bowl of Lucky Me! Supreme Pinoy Chicken. Every sip of the tasty soup and every bite on the firm noodles will bring you closer and closer to home.
Special Beef 
Cup noodles never tasted so good with Lucky Me! Supreme Special Beef. The restaurant-style beef noodle soup that”s oozing with flavor and richness makes you want to open a cup, every time.
Sotanghon Lite 
Warm, clear, and light yet deliciously satisfying is the best way to describe the experience in every bowl of Lucky Me! Supreme Chicken Sotanghon Lite. Tasty filling yet low-fat and cholesterol-free chicken broth embraces and imbues every strand of clear and light vermicelli, making every helping as tempting and as inviting as the first.
(Korean-style Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup) - Intense! That’s the best way to describe Lucky Me! Supreme Jjamppong. Authentic Korean seafood noodle soup that’s so deliciously spicy. With cuttlefish and wakame seaweeds that make this an adventurous taste experience.

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