Monde Nissin

M.Y. San

Monde M.Y.San Corporation, is a Filipino company that continues a humble tradition of providing quality biscuits.

M.Y. San Products
A heritage brand that offers a range of crackers that caters to every person's needs. Skyflakes crackers is many things to different people - a snack, a light meal alternative, a travel companion... filling up and fueling every Filipino to grab their opportunity in life!
Trusted for many generations because of its universal taste and appeal
Skyflakes Garlic & Onion & Chives 
Excites the established brand as it offers a variety of delicious and classic flavors of Onion & Chives and Garlic
Skyflakes Fit 
A healthy option that aids in every person's dietary needs

Oat Fiber - an excellent source of fiber that helps in regulating one's digestion
contained in flaxseed plants which helps reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke
It's so good you don't want to share it! Fita's perfect blend of sweet and salty taste, makes it everyone's favorite!
Fita Spreadz 
Looking for something different? Looking for something different? Imagine the melt-in-the-mouth goodness of Fita CRACKERS sandwiching a delicious blend of tangy, savoury spread. It's sure to bring out the zest in snacking. Available in Spicy Tuna and Bacon.
M.Y. San Grahams 
A dessert is a magical concoction. Its flavor can bring momentary bliss with just one taste. Its aroma can trigger delight with just a sniff. Which is why M.Y. San Grahams created a compilation of all the tempting desserts you can imagine. You don't have to wait for a special occasion to make these mouthwatering treats. Best of all, these delicious desserts are easy to make and easy on your family budget.

So go ahead and use any of our M.Y. San Grahams products in creating that delicious and heavenly dessert treat.

  • Give your recipes a classic touch with MYSAN Honey Graham Crackers. This semi-sweet biscuit provides a delectable taste to cakes, pies and other special desserts. A truly versatile dessert piece.
  • Comes in Honey Singles and Honey Handypack

  • Whether for brownies, cakes or special treats, Chocolate Grahams adds the flavor and richness you need to make your recipes positively delicious. A must have in concocting tasty dessert treats.
  • Comes in Choco Singles and Choco Handypack

  • MYSAN Crushed Grahams can be used in a variety of recipes. It provides the same great taste but comes in a crushed, powdered form. It's perfect for decorating also!

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