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Youthful, fun and innovative is the spirit behind Monde.

Monde Products
Voice Combo Chocolate 
Double sandwich treats in one delicious Combo?!
That's Monde Voice Combo Sandwich.
The first in the market that combines the crunchiness of cracker and the crispiness of wafer sandwiched in thick and luscious cream filling.
Experience a totally different sensation with every bite.
Iba ang Sarap pag may Voice!
Voice Combo Creamy Butter 
Calling all Butter Lovers! Your favorite Combo Sandwich now comes in a delectable and mouth watering Creamy Butter Flavor. Same unique eating experience.
Equally delicious taste. Another heavenly treat that will surely become a new favorite.
Voice Combo Strawberry 
A new twist from Voice Combo Sandwich - - Crispy wafers now partnered with smooth, melt in the mouth crackers, and generously filled with sweet, fruity Strawberry cream ! Another winning combination, first from Voice Combo sandwich.
Sumo Hoops 
Crunchy cookie hoops with yummy milk cream filling that kids will surely love! And with its calcium-enriched goodness, moms will love it too! Su-mo sarap! Su-mo saya!
Sumo Mini-Cookie Sandwich - Cookies 'n Cream 
A fun combination of cookies & cream rolled into one delicious bite-sized cookie. The whole family will surely love this premium cream-filled mini cookie. Tiyak na mapapasumo-saya sa sarap ang pamilya!
Sumo Mini-Cookie Sandwich - Chocolate 
The whole family's favorite bite-sized snack just got even better! Sumo now comes in an ooh-so-yummy delicious chocolate flavor! More fun with every bite of this crunchy cookie and creamy chocolate filling, the whole family will surely want more.
Bingo Double Choco 
A chocolate lovers' treat. New and improved. Now made more chocolaty with real chocolate and rich creamy filling sandwiched between crunchy chocolate cookies. Bi-Bingo ka sa sarap!
Bingo Vanilla 
The popular duo of chocolate and vanilla comes alive when crunchy real chocolate cookies meet the delicious creamy filling of vanilla. A classic combination now made chocolatier than ever!
Bingo Orange 
The delicious blend of chocolate cookies and zesty orange cream now packed with more chocolate in every bite, taking you to a different citrus adventure.
Nissin Chocolate Wafer/Vanilla/Yummy Butter 
The all time favorite wafer snack of the family. Delicious cream fillings, sandwiched in between layers of crispy wafers. Family fun snacking to the max! Available in three delicious flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla and Yummy Butter.
Nissin Stick Wafer 
Yummy, crispy and light wafer sticks with flavorful spiral creamy filling. Such a delicious treat that your entire family will surely love! Available in chocolate and strawberry flavors.
Nissin Cubee Wafer 
Bite-sized crispy wafers with rich creamy filling. Available in two flavors: Chocolate & Cream and Vanilla Fudge.
Eggnog Cookies 
Droplets of rich tasting cookies made with real fresh eggs! So crunchy, so delicious. Sige-sige ang sarap!
This delicious biscuit captures the authentic taste and flavor of real bread!
Chiz Breadstix 
The authentic taste of real bread is made more exciting with Chiz Breadstix! Truly a great snacking experience.
Nissin Butter Coconut 
It's the biscuit that has won countless international recognition because of its delightfully distinct and unduplicated taste that the whole family enjoys.
One One Rice Cracker 
An all natural baked snack made from rice. Deliciously seasoned and delightfully crispy.
Guaranteed to leave you wanting for MORE. Also available in Chili flavor.
One One Snowy Crisps 
Round and Crispy, this all natural baked snack made from rice is deliciously seasoned and topped with sprinkles of fondant.
Guaranteed to tickle your taste buds.

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